"FLY & HELP" fly-in safaris Namibia 2020 / 2021

Dear friends of Kingfisher fly-in safari,

due to the meanwhile long-standing, successful cooperation with the Reiner Meutsch Foundation „FLY & HELP“, we have decided to take a new fly-in safari offer into the program. The safari will fascinate you. Experiencing Namibia’s great destinations from the air is the absolute highlight of every traveller. Apart from the great experience, each traveller now has the possibility to do a good deed: 50 € per booking will be donated to the foundation “FLY & HELP”, which supports one of various school projects in Namibia. True to the motto “FLY & HELP”, you have the possibility to support children’s education in Namibia and help them in being able to lead an independent life in the future.

One of our joint fly-in safaris lead us to the north of Namibia, to the Kavango river. Near the town of Divindu, at the beginning of the Caprivi strip, we were guests in the Nunda River Lodge.

During our stay in the lodge we had the opportunity to see the performance of a dance and singing group, all students of the Dr. Joseph Diescho Primary School. The group consisted of 15 dancers and 2 drummers. The students were between 6 and 15 years old.

Immediately we noticed the enthusiasm with which the children performed their song and dance program. In a conversation with the teacher we were informed about the background of the elementary school. The conversation led us to organize a visit to the school where the following pictures were made.

The inspiring impressions during the performance of the children in combination with the sad pictures from the school lead us to the decision to actively help.

That is how our first joint aid project in Namibia originated.

The offered fly-in safari leads us to the Kavango river. Here the aid project can be visited, if desired. With your participation in this safari you donate 5% of the travel price to the project.

In this way you can “FLY & HELP” the children in this part of Namibia to have a better future.

Itinerary / travel dates for the 13-day fly-in safari

Travel dates:

January 8th – January 20th 2021
Price: 2,999 € * per person (double room)

February 12th – February 24th 2021
Price: 3,199 € * per person (double room)

November 13th – November 25th 2020
March 12th – March 24th 2021
Price: 3,299 € * per person (double room)

December 28th 2020 – January 9th 2021
April 9th – April 21st 2021
Price: 3,399 € * per person (double room)

* We reserve the right to adjust our offer in the case that taxes or fuel prices increase. Offers are calculated with the valid exchange rate on the day of the offer. Should the exchange rate vary by more than 5%, we will have to adjust our offer accordingly.

50 € per person (per booked safari) are donated to the Reiner Meutsch Foundation „FLY & HELP“ and will be used to support the building of a school in Namibia.

Participants:           maximum of 8 per travel date
Aircraft:                   Cessna 210 + Cessna Caravan 208
Route:                     Windhoek/Eros – Swakopmund – (Day trip Sossusvlei optional) -Damaraland – Etosha National Park  – Windhoek/Eros

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